WIRES is a group that consists of Team 2220 female mentors and students. This group meets on a regular basis to discuss ways in which they can empower young women (daughters) to join FIRST’s organization and become interested in STEM related fields.

WIRES works towards building strong bonds between our members. We have frequent social gatherings like yoga sessions, game nights, and ice cream socials.

With these strong bonds, WIRES members are laying the ground work for our future female members. We are constantly collaborating with our younger teams and elementary schools. Glacier Hills Elementary School has allowed us to present to the students about the importance of robotics. WIRES has been involved in presenting about Team 2220 overall to Glacier Hills, and in presenting about WIRES to female students there. WIRES has also been collaborating with our local FLL teams. By working with FLL team leaders, we are providing the knowledge and support to the younger teams that will move on to become FRC teams.

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